Teachers Grants

Since education is critical for the advancement of every country, a lot of money is allotted and dispersed for educational purposes. Grants towards education (for students) and teachers running in millions of dollars are allotted by the US government to the Department of Education every year. Grants and funds for teachers are not only allocated for their advancement of studies but also for funding projects, teaching overseas and improving classroom resources.


The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) grant funded by the government through the Department of Education is a very popular and sought-after teachers grant. The TEACH grant funds students who intend to complete their course work required for beginning their career in teaching. An eligible student who intends to become a teacher is funded up to $4,000 every year for his/her education under the TEACH grants. However to receive a TEACH grant, a student must meet the eligibility criteria for the federal student aid programs, complete the FAFSA, sign the TEACH grant agreement to serve, agree to the TEACH grant terms and conditions and other required application process.


Besides the TEACH grants, the Teacher Incentive Fund, Improving Teacher Quality State Funds, Teachers for a Competitive Tomorrow, Teacher Quality Partnership Grants and Special Education Personal Development Grants are other discretionary teachers grants offered by the government. Apart from all these teachers’ grants, one can also apply for a Federal Pell grant and the FSEOG. Though they are not teacher-specific grants, these grants are offered to eligible and needy students who want to pursue their education (including teaching). However for all the grants, a student must complete the FAFSA and meet the requirements set by the Department of Education.


In addition to the several grants offered by the government, there are two main types of loan forgiveness programs for teachers under teacher loan forgiveness (subsidized and unsubsidized loans) and teacher cancellation for Federal Perkins Loans.


Apart from the government offered grants and loans, many corporate foundation, non-profit organizations and philanthropic organizations also fund students to pursue their teaching course. The American Association of University Women’s (AAUW’s) Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowship Program, the Baitlayer Foundation, Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, Learning and Leadership Grants offer grants to teachers to pursue higher education. Similarly many large corporations like Dell, Toyota, Compaq, Ford Motor Company, Exxon also provide large funds as grants for teachers.  If you haven’t completed your college degree in education yet, or are looking to pursue a graduate degree in education, it is important to start looking early on for education or teaching grants.