Resources for Non-profit Grants in US

Non-profit organizations and non-governmental organization (NGO) are bodies consisting of members that work for the benefit of the society or do public service, with good intentions and not with the intent to create profits. In fact intending to make profits is not in the dictionary for non-profit making organizations and charities. Non-profit organizations, charities and NGOs are usually established to help homeless people, address problems like crime, alcohol or drug abuse, rehabilitation, provide education, housing, tackle social issues, community development or fund school programs.


However for securing non-profit grants from any of the resources, officially registering the charity or NGO as a non-profit one is necessary. Registering of the non-profit organization is done with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The IRS gives an organization the non-profit status after ascertaining that the work to be carried out by the organization is done with noble intentions and not for making profits. Apart from non-profit government grants, non-profit organizations can receive funding and support from private foundation grants and corporate foundation non-profit funding


Government non-profit grants: A non-profit grant provided by the government is the best resource for gaining maximum funding. However the process of applying, qualifying and finally getting the fund is a tedious and lengthy process. Government non-profit grants are awarded to registered 501(c)3 organizations that work for the betterment of the society like carrying social service, religious work or supporting other local charities. Government non-profit grants are available at the local, city, state and national level as well as with some big foundations. Hence it is better to know the eligibility requirements at each of these levels before applying for government non-profit grants.


Private foundations non-profit funding: Private foundations are non-profit organizations that donate funds to smaller charities and non-profit bodies or fund their own charities. A large number of non-profit organizations, NGOs and charities in US are funded from private foundations. Food for Life Global is one such example of a private foundation offering non-profit funding.


Corporate non-profit funding: Big corporations or very large private firms usually offer corporate funding to non-profit organizations. These grants or funds are generated by big corporations from their profit-making business. Several large national and international companies display their social duty by offering non-profit grants to local charities or non-profit organizations that serve a specific public cause. The Wal-Mart Foundation, the Bank of America Charity Foundation and the Sanofi-Aventis Patient Assistance Foundation are some of the top corporate foundations offering millions of dollars to individuals and charities as non-profit grants.