Labor Union Grants in US

Labor union grants in US are generally granted to organizations to further the achievements of their members and help them make optimum use of their resources. Labor union grants are basically provided to arrange for job prospects, job training, internship programs, employee development, health and safety programs, employee justice, youth programs and human rights developments. These grants are more often offered by private organizations.

Labor union grants were granted to 500 organizations between the 5-year periods of 2000 to 2005. Foundations like Ford Foundation, Surdna Foundation, Chicago Community Trust, Rockefeller Foundation, Verizon Foundation, Public Welfare Foundation, Open Society Institute and California Endowment received these grants. Besides these some other notable organizations to receive the awards were John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation, Broad Foundation, David and Lucile Packard Foundation, William Randolph Heart Foundation, Annie E. Cassey Foundation and a few others. These labor union grants were approved across all businesses, depending on the requirements of the union.

Before granting the required labor union grants, the age of the institute, the total number of associates in the organization and the present economic condition of the industry, were taken into account.

Two labor union grants that standout among the 500 grants given are the ones granted to the Mississippi Workers Centre for Human Rights located in Greenville and the National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice based in Chicago. The total grants awarded to these two organizations amounted to $500. The basic goal for providing grants to these two organizations was to offer online and media services, strategize religious viewpoints on work to build up religious scholarship and teaching and to upgrade and improve resource clearinghouse and listserv.

The overall grants provided to all the organizations within the 5-year period were more than $5,000,000. These grants helped the organizations to better the abilities of their members and helped them grow, without taking loans and being burdened by the extra debt.

Organizations who have received labor union grants in the last 5 years include Chicago Teachers Union, California Teachers Association, SEIU Education and Support Fund, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy and AFL-CIO Working for American Institute. Similarly, labor union grants were also provided to the National Farm Workers Services Center, Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights, American Productivity and Quality Center and National Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice.