Government Provided Women’s Grants

Though women form a large percentage of the population in any country, a woman still encounters many hindrances and discrimination in several fields. However the governments of many countries are working to improve the present conditions of women by offering subsidies, financial aids, loans or grants. In the United States, the government helps women and single moms in completing their education, set or continue their small business, provide housing aid, etc. through federal grants and state grants. However finding these different types of women’s grants and being eligible to these are very necessary.


Women’s Education Grants: There are a number of women’s education grants offered by the government. The government offered Federal Pell Grants and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are the most popular. These grants are also awarded to single moms who want to continue their education to secure a good job for looking after herself and her children. Besides these grants, the government also offers scholarships for women who want to attend college. However for every type of education grant or scholarship, you need to fulfil the required criteria, set by the government.


Women’s Business Grants: Business grants are provided to women who need money to start a new business or continue their present one. Government has several assistance programs which help women by funding a definite percentage for their business. Business grants are particularly provided if a woman is associated with some charitable or non-profit organization. In case of profit-making business, small business grants are provided to the eligible ones and for certain fields like agriculture, childcare, tourism, aquaculture, manufacturing and technology.


Small Business Loans: All grants offered by the government are not non-repayable. Government offers small business loans which are typically subsidized for women. Besides subsidies, women also get additional privileges like cost discounts, very low or zero interest rate, which easily help them repay their small business loan.


Women’s Housing Grants: Government housing grants for eligible and deprived women, particularly single mothers are available. These housing grants for women are given in case they want to purchase a modest house or make some repairs or renovate their existing house.


Minority Women’s Grants: Women from minority group can avail minority women’s grants offered by the government for pursuing their education, purchase house, begin a new business etc. However a woman from a minority group also needs to qualify by fulfilling the specific criteria and application process fixed by the government.


Besides government grants for women, women can also seek help from the many private organizations and corporations in US. These private organizations provide scholarships, education grants, grants to start business, purchase houses, grants to meet day care or daily expenses in case of single mothers who are in dire need.