Government Grant Writing

Government grant writing differs slightly from corporate grant proposals. Since the government is the most secure source of funds, it is important to put up a proposal they cannot refuse. Many government grant letters need a separate application fee and lots of documents supporting your claim to the grant. Effective grant writing is what brings thousands of dollars in government money to fund your research or project.
Proposal statement
Government grant writing requires the applicant to appear business-like. You need to write the application in lucid yet professional language. Be concise and stick to your point and purpose. Keep the language within reach so you can clarify any doubts the reviewers might have for you. Introduce yourself and add a clear proposal statement.
Research details
While it’s important to clarify your research details for government grant writing, it is also required that an applicant mentions exactly how and where the grant fund would be used. This is an important section. Not being accurate about the spending or asking for extra funds is a deal breaker. Such practices could trim your allowance or get your application cancelled.
Research purpose
Explain the purpose behind your project. Whether you’re a big organization or an individual, showcase the social face of your project. Government grants which are meant to be used for eradication of social problems have slightly higher chances of getting sanctioned. Convince them that your research is going to bring benefit to your community.
The length of an application in government grant writing should not stretch to hundreds of pages. Stick to the important facts and maintain a sequence of information. Writing excessively and without any direction is often a sign of lack of faith in your own project or yourself. Add in your previous successful research and mention grant sources. This would help in gauging your eligibility as an applicant and increases the chances of getting funds approved.
Government grant writing requires the application to be complete in all aspects with proper references, facts and figures. An annex of supporting documents is a must. If writing is not really your cup of tea, hire a grant writer and revise the content several times.