Different Federal Grants for Single Mothers

Single mothers are a reality in every part of the world. However the number of single mothers in US is considerably large and also growing every year. Some mothers are single by choice while others are not. Whatever be the background behind a mother’s single status, the physical, emotional and financial pressure of caring for their children on their own, is a concern.   To help single mothers get on with their lives with ease, there are many federal, private and non-profit organisations that offer grants to them to care for themselves and their children. However the best ones are the government-aided grants for single mothers.


There are several federal or government grants for single mothers which help them provide the necessary grants, if one is eligible for it. Federal programs for single mothers help them continue their education which assists them in getting job, gives housing grants, grants to fulfil their basic necessities and many others.


Educational grants: Financial aid for education, provided by the Federal Pell Grant is the best, as it offers grants to every eligible single mother who intends to continue her education and build her career. Besides this, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) and Academic Competitive Grants (ACG) are other federal grants that give an opportunity for single mothers to continue their education. However the eligibility criteria is different in each of the cases and hence you need to understand the terms of how to qualify for these grants.


Housing grants: Housing grants are provided for single mothers, if one needs aid for paying house rent, making a down-payment while buying a modest house, to close costs or for doing house repairs. Applicants should prove that they indeed need this grant and apply at their nearby HUD office.


Business grants: These are other helpful grants for single mothers that help them set up their own business or help them support their present business. A business grant not only helps a single mother continue or start a new business but also helps her build her business, thereby helping her generate income to look after herself and her children.


Basic assistance grants: Single mothers who are finding it very difficult to meet their daily requirements like groceries, clothing of their children, rent bills, electricity bills and travel charges can apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Though not a long-term solution, TANF provides assistance to single mothers during their most difficult times.


Food grants: Single mothers can apply for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program to meet nutritional needs of their children, infants and also themselves.